Ongoing Projects

Vivere a Edimburgo

“Vivere a Edimburgo” is the first website that helps the Italians living in Edinburgh. We all know that moving abroad is not easy. If you think that every country has its own culture, traditions and rules; it looks very challenging to find a job, get a GP, understand the taxes etc.
Vivere a Edimburgo aims at making your life easier and helping you by providing you all the necessary information, stress-free.


Professionals in Scotland

“Professionals in Scotland” stems from the need of having a web-based platform where people working in Scotland with different expertise can meet to collaborate and to develop and/or enlarge their businesses. The project is newly born but we have already a collection of highly qualified professionals. Visit our website to find the professional you are looking for and help us grow by adding your profile.


Business English Course



Handmade Pasta like your Grandma

Learn the age-old skills of Italian grandmothers through this unique workshop of pasta-making.


Learn Italian while making theatre

An alternative platform for cultural exchange and an exciting new way of practising Italian. Learn the art of theatre and test your talent through this unique series of acting workshops with experienced teacher Carlo Lenoci.


Previous Projects

L’Italia al Fringe Festival

“L’Italia al Fringe Festival” promoted the Italian artists that performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2017 using ‘videos’ as a broadcast medium. Manuela Marescotti commented on some of the shows from Italian actors, stand-up comedians and musicians which have enriched one of the most famous Arts Festival in Europe.