Same story, different show. And different day.

Giada is a former Italian expat that after having lived 14 years in London, decided to return to her homeland. This is her third Fringe and tackled it with a brand-new show that has seen its absolute premiere here in Edinburgh, meaning that The Poetry of Sticking an Egg Up a Hen’s Butt! had not even had a single preview before this year’s Festival. This show is a work in progress and it is pure storytelling, a genre with which the author has always been in love.

In the past years, Giada brought to Edinburgh two comedies: Flipper committed suicide (about mourning and mental illness) and Sesso, favole e serial killer (which revolved around the world of porn, serial killers, and fables in their original meaning: before “the Disney sanitization”). She has always based her work on improvisation, and through the material, she was creating on the stage she built her shows. This year, instead, she has revolutionized her method of working. She aimed to bring to life a story observed by two different points of view. Therefore, she started to work on the structure of the show and through a stream of consciousness, she forced herself to write material that would fit in it. The story is her own, a former expat that returns home, not as the result of a defeat, but as a deliberate choice. To Giada is beautiful to bring her life experience onto the stage. “It is a substitute of therapy” she states, “while I am writing I analyse, and I analyse myself as well, creating characters and a story. The author always brings something personal to his work.”

Nowadays, we are used to people moving from country to country and start a new life. The struggles they go through, the issues they must face are becoming more and more familiar to everyone, but what happens when an expat becomes a former-expat?  Through her own personal experience, Giada explores the concept of the coming back. “What does it mean to back after so many years? The things I have left have changed, and I have changed as well. There are two realities that meet again and how do you deal with that?”, she says. She has never felt so Italian as when she relocated to London, and then, once she was back, she started to see herself with the eyes of a foreigner. “There are two paths that you can take: you can be overwhelmed by the events, or you see the funny side of them”, she adds. This is exactly where the idea of this work in progress comes from, and here at the Fringe 2018 she brings on stage the dramatic version one day, and the hilarious one the following day, for the entire length of the Festival. Eventually, the show will become a single unity which she aims to bring across Europe and Australia.

The Poetry of Sticking an Egg Up a Hen’s Butt! is very emotional, the audience relates to her story and identifies into the character, not only as an expat but because of the direction that the life of every one of us might take. We leave the venue with a sense of belonging that is human. Because of the setting of the room, with comfortable benches along the walls, it is like to sit around a campfire and listen to a story, with the same feeling of intimacy.

written by Rosario Perilli