“Italian Brew” has been founded by Italians based in Scotland and working in a number of fields. In return to the warm Scottish hospitality, “Italian Brew”’s goal is to promote cultural exchanges between Scotland and Italy.

In particular, our aims are:

  • To organise and/or promote Italian-related cultural events and festivals;
  • To Ease the relationship between Italian and Scottish companies; and favors import/export between the two countries.
  • To Build up relationships with local Institutions, Universities, Schools, and cultural organizations.
  • To Provide assistance to Italians moving to Scotland and vice-versa
  • To organise and/or promote classes about a number of subjects, such as cinema, opera, fashion, cookery, Italian language, art, theatre, literature, music, information about Italian places, culture and traditions
  • To provide an index of Italian professionals operating in Scotland